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I work with professionals and leaders who want to build careers that fulfil client intellectually, financially.


Let's work together.

I love collaboration with big minds, with solid cooperation, I can help you bring a website of your dreams to live with all functionalities desired.

So a little more about me, and work. I do backend development and front end. I can also help you optimize your web pages for search engines. Or design a logo, WebApps? Yes, I’ll help you deploy Nodes Script on your server. Still want more? Check my CV.

Countries I would like to visit? Europe. Any country in Europe or South America. I’m very much automatically interested. 



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Work Experience in this field.

Building applications and Processes is the latest in my skills as a professional programmer
2015 - 2020

Code Academy & Program

Took Code Academy & Program from 2015 - 2020, gained extensive knowledge, mastered programming concepts, proficient in high-quality software solutions. Successfully completed numerous projects, earned recognition. Years of experience developed keen eye for detail, valuable asset in any project.

2018 - 2021

Net. Programming Course

I completed the Net. Programming Course from 2018 to 2021, where I learned advanced programming concepts, website development, and database management. The practical skills gained in this course have greatly contributed to my career advancement.

2017 - 2023


- Programming Fundamentals (Syntax, Functions) - Data Structures (Lists, Dictionaries, Tuples, Sets) - Object-Oriented Programming (Classes, Objects, Inheritance, Polymorphism) - Libraries and Frameworks (NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Django, TensorFlow) - Problem-Solving and Algorithmic Thinking - Testing


Create new opportunities with me.

We will not only help you build your website/app, we will also help you manage it from start to finish until it is mature and you can navigate all intricasis yourself.

Our pricinig is also the best in the market with as low as $100, you can commence a project and finish it. 


We take responsibilities for future errors, they are all express in our agreement.

Smart solutions

We have internal and external collaborations so even if you need more than tech support.

Thinking Skill

We are always evolving, just give us your idea and see it grow.


Work Experience in this field.

Responsible for creating software programs that perform specific tasks, such as managing

Developers, project

Define software requirements and project scope

Writing & debugging

Ensure the development of high-quality software programs


Errors and resolving technical issues

Maintaining and updating

Existing software programs to ensure they remain relevant and effective

Staying up-to-date

With the latest programming languages, technologies, and practices to ensure best practices are used in development

Providing tech support.

Technical support is a critical component of any organization that relies on technology.

View work results portfolio & make productivity easier.

Building applications and Processes is the latest in my skills as a professional programmer

Maintaining and updating existing software.

We understand the evolution and we are moving with it. We can help you integrate any ai of your choice using their api> It will be free alongside other project! Don’t mention. 

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#Javascript #Typescript #Node.Js #React #Swift #Java #Objective-C #RXJava

Project manager application responsibilities commercial.

We can also build the mobile version of your software and deploy it on playstore and appstore, with other project, it comes as a discount so yeah, you see why we are the best.

High - Performance hosting. Framer delivers the fastest.

Before we embark in your project, we will give our recommendation as regards to speed and fast hosting, it is imperative and consequential to the perfection of our work. 

Develop a Basic website Using JavaScript.

No basic is too basic, we have got you covered, we will use figma to create the UiX then move it to cloud through our models. 

Management site admin dashboards.

We did not forget, we will leave you with a backend that looks like frontend, so you can carry out your activities seamlessly as an admin.  

Build a Basic Website Finance & Transaction.

For finance and payment apps, we also got you covered, from integration to database, and to regulation compliance, we understand it all. 

Glad to start a project with you.

Feel free to reach out if you need help or you want to connect!

Simple pricing for everyone

Our price is the fairest in the market. Not only cheap but also with a decent payment system.










NOTE : These Pricing are not exhaustive and they can be modified depends on your order.


Simple Questions

How about our progress?

If we have an uncompleted project, kindly reach out to us through the form below or whatsapp and we will respond immediately. You can also use the chat  button on the site. 

How can I cancel or change project?

Project can only be cancelled in its preliminary stage (estimating stage) the moment an agreement is signed, such project is commenced and cannot be cancelled. However, modifications can occur, kindly reach out. 

How long for support service?

Supportive service will take a year term for Exclusive projects, and 6 moths term for Premium projects and 3 months term for basic projects. 

Do you offer website maintenance services?

Yes, we offer ongoing maintenance and support for websites and applications. This can be included in a retainer-based billing arrangement (Premium and Exclusive tiers).

What are the benefits of a dynamic website?

Dynamic websites offer more interactivity and functionality compared to static websites. They can handle user input, database connections, and provide a more engaging user experience.

Do you offer e-commerce solutions for small businesses?

Yes, we can integrate e-commerce features into your website, allowing you to sell products online (Premium tier).

Can you help me secure my website from cyberattacks?

Yes, we offer advanced security features like two-factor authentication and intrusion detection systems to protect your website (Exclusive tier).


Trusted around the world for awesome project.

The world most forward-thinking companies manage their secret in clue

BK Web worked closely with us to understand our needs and built a website that effectively communicates our mission and allows for online donations (Premium tier features). Their SEO expertise has helped us reach a wider audience and grow our supporter base.

Hendrik Morella


We needed a cutting-edge Single Page Application for our new product launch, and BK Web exceeded expectations. The SPA is incredibly fast, user-friendly, and offers a fantastic user experience. Their expertise in machine learning (Exclusive tier) helped us personalize the user journey further.

Franceo Lippo


I needed a simple website to showcase my bakery and BK Web delivered! The process was quick and affordable. Now customers can easily find my location and see my menu. Perfect for my needs!

Carryn Zenith


BK Web developed a robust and secure platform for online food ordering for our restaurant chain (Exclusive tier features). Their focus on security gives us peace of mind, and the integration with our internal systems allows for smooth order processing. We’ve seen a dramatic increase in online orders!

Jhon Edwards


BK Web built a dynamic website for our company that’s not only beautiful but also functional. The integration with our CRM system (using the Premium features) has streamlined our lead capture process. We’re seeing a significant increase in qualified leads!

Daniel Andrew


I needed a basic website to showcase my travel blog, and BK Web created a clean and user-friendly website that allows me to easily update my content myself. Great value for the price!

Cathrine Noel


I was hesitant to move my online store to a new platform, but BK Web made the transition seamless. They customized Shopify to perfectly match my brand and integrated secure payment processing. My sales have grown significantly since the launch!

Celine Gabriel


I hired BK Web to fix some bugs on my existing website. They were prompt, professional, and very efficient. The hourly billing option was perfect for this type of project, and I’ll definitely use them again in future!

Mario Roberts



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